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Profa. Luisa de León

Profa. Luisa de Leon  Lunes 11 de marzo 2019
Primero Básico B
. Students answer the quiz 
II. After the quiz, they have to work in a booklet. Each student should use their materials (scissors, markers, crayons, one sheet of  paper) Remind students that it is something similar of what they worked in Art.
They can work in pairs. 
The booklet is about Pronouns. Use each page for a type of pronoun.
1.  Personal 2. Demonstrative 3. Interrogative  4. Indefinite  5. Relative
Write the type of pronoun  Write 5 examples Include two illustrations 

Primero Básico A
Primero A  It is important that the students work the exercises in ORDER; it will be easy to check how much they did in class. Answer the page 94 Tell the students they have to write the pronoun in their notebook and identify if it is personal, reflexive, etc... (Instructions are in the e-text)
If someone finishes 15 or 20 minutes before the bell rings, he or she has to do the worksheets 1, 2, and 3

Segundo Básico A-B

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Profa. Luisa de Leon - Primero Básico

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